A gay man who lives in London has said that he was turned down for adopting two cats in need of a home because of his sexuality.

Alex Andreau, a writer, claims that he traveled two hours to adopt the cats from a private owner only to be rejected.

“So, I just traveled two hours to adopt a cat that desperately needed rehoming and was turned down for being gay,” he tweeted. “WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.”

Alex attached screenshots of a text conversation he had with the owner.

“So how comes youre single, are you gay?” the owner asked.

“Good guess,” Alex answered. “Is it an issue?”

“I am religious so I strongly disagree with the life style. I am sorry, if I hurt your feelings.”

“Darling, I've been beaten and called a 'faggot' since I was 8. My feelings are quite robust. And, yes, sorry is precisely what you are,” he wrote.

“Are you not afraid of going to hell when you die?” the owner asked.

Alex also tweeted that he was sobbing on the bus “because the truth is it hurts as much as when I was 8 years old.”

He later added that a friend had arranged to pick up the cats for him and that he was planning on naming them after two of the world's biggest gay icons: Harvey Milk and Freddie Mercury.

“I may then have to festoon the cats in Rainbow Flags and send her photos,” Alex messaged. “Is there a co that makes pink litter? Pride cat bowls? I NEED GEAR.”