Christian conservative Bryan Fischer warned on Monday that Americans are at risk of being “vomited out” of this land due to their acceptance of LGBT rights.

Fischer made his comments during his Focal Point radio program, which is broadcast on American Family Radio.

Fischer cited God's prohibition on gay sex and offering child sacrifices to Moloch, which Fischer compared to legal abortion, which are listed in the book of Leviticus before warning that “if ever there was a nation who deserved to have its land vomit them out, it would be us.”

“We're adding to that slop bucket every single day,” Fischer told his listeners. “God is waiting for us to turn in repentance, lest he has to bring a nation in and remove us from the land as he brought Israel in to remove Canaan from the land.”

Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, reiterated that gay sex produces an instinctive “inner revulsion.” He added that acceptance of it puts our nation at risk.

“If we become morally corrupt, as we’re on the way to becoming, God can bring a stronger nation in to judge us as a morally corrupt people and transfer custody of our land,” Fischer said. “We look at America today and it’s hard not to think that God may have to judge us for our descent into moral and sexual depravity and our land may be getting ready to vomit us out.”