Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe and his boyfriend Ryan Channing are calling on Australians to support an upcoming vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

Thorpe, who came out in 2014, has been a strong supporter of marriage equality.

In the 49-second video, Thorpe claims that he can update his electoral details on a smartphone in less time than it takes for Channing to swim 100 meters.

“If you support marriage equality, you need to enroll to vote or update your details by midnight August 24,” Thorpe says in the video. “You can do that online.”

Of course, Thorpe finishes before Channing reaches the edge of the pool.

“Every Australian should have the right to take the plunge with the person they love,” Channing says when he emerges from the water.

Australia's governing Liberal Party earlier this month pushed for a postal vote on same-sex marriage after blocking an effort to allow its members a conscience vote on a bill that would extend marriage rights to gay couples. The postal vote, however, is non-binding, which means it is only an opportunity for the public to be included in the debate.

According to a poll conducted for The Australian, 63 percent of Australians said they will vote “yes” and 67 percent said they are planning to participate in the vote.