A Romanian bishop suddenly resigned Friday amid a sex scandal involving a male student.

According to the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Bishop of Husi, Corneliu Barladeanu, 51, decided to step aside “for the peace and good of the church.”

The AP reported that Barladeanu was suspended after an 18-minute video of himself having sex with a male student emerged. Barladeanu has maintained that he's innocent and the victim of a prank.

The church announced Barladeanu's resignation at the end of a two-day Holy Synod where the bishop's case and another case involving a priest who had sex with a male student were discussed. The gathering was notable because it was the first time in its 92-year history that church officials had gathered to discuss a sex scandal.

The cases have led to demands of more accountability from the church.

“The message is that you should not be ordained if your moral behavior does not meet church standards,” a church spokesman told the AP.

While Barladeanu will no longer hold an official position, he will remain a monk. Bishops are required to be monks – who take a vow of chastity – in the orthodox faith.

Eighty-five percent of Romanians belong to the Orthodox Church.