Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton this week once again apologized for his past sins, claiming they were the reason behind a recent firing.

In the 7-minute video uploaded Sunday, Hilton does not reveal who fired him or what job he was fired from. The 39-year-old father of two used his celebrity gossip blog to propel himself into a celebrity. But the path he chose was controversial. Known for ridiculing celebrities and outing closeted celebrities, Hilton in 2011 had a change of heart and vowed to no longer use his blog to bully celebrities.

“There is a reason this happened, and I'm sorry,” Hilton said in the video. “I'm sorry again. I guess I have to say that again more often. I'm sorry.”

The realization that he “was the problem” made him “really sad.”

“To know that, sure, I am opinionated and sassy, but I have changed. I am not being purposely cruel towards people. I am not giving people awful nicknames or doodling inappropriate things on photos. I have grown. I have evolved. And yet, despite that, a lot of people aren't willing to let me continue to grow,” Hilton said.

“I will overcome,” he added.

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