In an op-ed published Tuesday, gay adult film star Colby Keller says that he voted for President Donald Trump because “democracy in the United States is a farce”

“No one better represents this farce than an orange-haired comic book villain groomed on television – decade after decade – to caricature the rich. It is the rich who benefit from the endless war and economic deprivation that punishes the rest of us,” Keller wrote in his The Advocate essay.

Late last month, Keller appeared on a YouTube show where he said that he does not support Trump, despite voting for him. Keller said that people angry with his statement should also know the context of his vote.

“According to political historian and linguist Noam Chomsky, the United States is responsible for the murder of nearly 20 million people since the end of World War II,” Keller wrote. “We are the only nation on earth to deploy nuclear weapons on a civilian population (twice). The U.S. government routinely rigs foreign elections, murders political opponents, jails whistleblowers, deposes elected governments, and uses illegal chemical and biological weapons on civilian populations (smallpox, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, white phosphorous, cholera, etc.).”

“No American should feel compelled to sacrifice their body in defense of the nation’s many irrefutable crimes. We demand peace, not perpetual war. To insist, for instance, that we should send our trans kids off to join the U.S. military, in full equality with other recruits, does nothing more than deny the more compelling argument that our trans children deserve not the opportunity to die for their country but the opportunity to live for themselves. They, like every other American child, deserve education, housing, and health care.”

“America’s economic system, pegged largely on the global sale of petroleum to the U.S. dollar, is stripping the earth of vital resources, irrevocably altering the planet’s natural climate. We may soon, in fact, deprive our entire species of its ability to survive and reproduce. We are in the process of committing the biggest crime the planet has ever witnessed. Twenty million victims will soon turn to 8 billion.”

“So when I cast my vote last November, I knew that tying our many political successes in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ liberation to an institution in rapid decline, like our corrupt Democratic Party, is not a strategy to preserve those gains into the future. Maintaining our rights in a world destroyed by climate-related chaos will require tremendous perseverance and fortitude.”

Keller concluded that Trump “represented a vote against a corrupt system.”

“We can't afford to let different approaches to strategy undermine our basic, shared commitment to the future – a future where all of us, and not just the rich and well-connected, continue to live and love on this planet,” Keller wrote.