JOHNSON'S on Monday helped celebrate Guncle's Day, partnering with popular mommy blog Mommy Shorts to post images of gay uncles who work at Johnson & Johnson, the makers of JOHNSON'S.

Mommy Shorts credited Simon Dunn, a former bobsledder from Australia, for popularizing August 14 as the day proud gay men post pics on social media with their nephews and nieces.

“The thing that motivates me, brings me the most joy in life and I feel is my greatest privilege is being an uncle,” Dunn captioned a photo of himself with his nephews at the beach.

Mommy Shorts interviewed six gay men about their roles as uncles.

One of the men, Matthew, talked about the impact he's had as an uncle on his niece Shiloh's life.

“Shiloh is my first niece,” Matthew said. “Before her, I had never properly held, bottle-fed or changed a newborn! I’ve been so fortunate to engage with her and watch her mature at various stages of her development – despite being on opposite coasts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get each time we FaceTime during dinner or see her in-person. More than my impact on her, she has had a tremendous impact on me – teaching me to love often and smile more…and share my snacks!”

JOHHNSON'S is also partnering with the Family Equality Council, which represents LGBT parents, to promote National Adoption Month in November.