British Olympic diver Tom Daley and Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have shared a video of their wedding day.

Daley, 23, and Black, 43, tied the knot in May at Bovey Castle in Devon, England.

The couple, who started dating in 2013 soon after Daley came out bisexual in a YouTube video, announced their engagement last October. They've been living together in London since 2014.

Daley released the video on his YouTube channel.

In the 5-minute video, the men are seen getting ready for their big day and each describes how he fell in love with the other.

“When Tom and I met four years ago, I knew instantly I was in trouble,” Black said. “I knew I’d met my match. I knew I’d met someone who would inspire me, who I could admire but also somebody who could naturally be my best friend. It didn’t hurt that he was also incredibly cute and charismatic and didn’t let me get away with a thing.”

“Within the first few minutes of conversation with Lance, everything changed for me. I fell in love,” Daley said. “Every single part of him. The way he thinks, the way he acts and everything that he does just makes me fall in love with him every single day, more and more.”