The recently confirmed secretary of the Navy on Thursday told reporters that while he will follow any order the president gives on transgender troops, “any patriot” should be allowed to serve.

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer weighed in on the issue after visiting Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

“We will process and take direction of a policy that is developed by the [Defense] secretary [with] direction from the president and march out smartly,” Spencer told reporters, according to The Hill.

“On a fundamental basis, any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements should be able to serve in our military,” he added.

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Spencer said that military policies should be developed by the Pentagon and that individual military branches should not be a “petri dish for social experiments.”

President Donald Trump announced the policy change earlier this month in a series of tweets, saying that the military will no longer “accept or allow” transgender troops to serve “in any capacity.” On Thursday, Trump said that he thinks he's “doing the military a great favor” by barring transgender people from serving in the military.

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