Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, on Friday suggested that public schools that support LGBT kids should be burned to the ground.

Swanson, who helms Generations with Vision Ministry, and his radio co-host Bill Jack railed against a Washington state public schools policy that teaches students about gender identity issues.

Swanson equated the issue with an allegation of rape against an employee at the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Rape is also against God's law and I guess it must be against state law; I'm not getting why, though,” Swanson told his listeners. “Why in the world is a sexual crime against the law in the state of Washington if the other forms of crimes are not against the law in the state of Washington? See, this is confusing to me.”

“The worst possible abominations are accepted in the state of Washington,” Swanson declared, adding that the public schools are “whorehouses.”

Jack then stated that “we need to burn 'em down.”

Swanson agreed, saying that if parents from the 1950s saw what was happening in the schools today “they would want to burn them down.”

“They would burn them down,” Jack said. “They would tear the bricks out of the walls. They would use the bricks to stone the apostates.

Swanson has previously claimed that public schools want to turn kids into transgender communists.