Out singer Adam Lambert and transgender Internet star Gigi Gorgeous applauded singer Aaron Carter's recent coming out.

Carter, 29, came out bisexual last week in an emotional tweet to fans.

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While surprised by Carter's announcement, Lambert and Gorgeous said that he had their support.

“Did he really? I didn’t hear about that,” Lambert told TooFab at Out's Power 50 Gala on Thursday. “Surprise, surprise. I mean, I think it’s exciting that we’re living in a time where people are feeling more open and honest about publicly declaring who and what they are. You know, for a long time in the show business industry it was sort of taboo and I think a lot of people felt for a long time the minute you say that then it steers your career one way or another and I think that what is so exciting is there’s so many young people right now that are choosing to either declare or not declare at all. It’s an exciting time for freedom.”

Gorgeous was also unaware of the news.

“He came out? … Oh my god, that's amazing!” Gorgeous said. “I'm just finding that out right now. That's dope. Good for him.”