Roughly 1,500 people on Tuesday marched through the streets of Kathmandu to celebrate the city's annual LGBT Pride parade.

Many wore vibrant costumes and carried rainbow flags, the AFP reported.

The parade coincides with the Hindu festival of Gai Jatra, which commemorates the death of people during the year and has also been used as a venue to criticize the government.

“In recent years the gay community has started using the festival to call attention to its demands for equal rights,” the AFP wrote.

American artist Gilbert Baker, who designed the rainbow flag, was among those honored at Tuesday's event.

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“Every year we celebrate a pride festival to show that we want to be recognized in this society with our different identity, that we are a part of this society,” Pink Gurung, president of the LGBT rights group Blue Diamond Society, told the AFP.

Activists say that while Nepal has some of the most progressive laws on LGBT rights in South Asia, discrimination remains.

“The government has recognized us but should do more,” said Kirti Gurung, a transgender woman. “People of third gender like us should be able to come out in the open; society should accept us.”