Last we heard from Dr. Marci Bowers, the woman behind the city labeled “the sex change capital of the world,” was in World of Wonder's Sex Change Hospital, a six part docu-drama that focused on the people going under the knife. Tonight, Discovery Health turns the lens around to give us a look at the doctor holding the scalpel.

In tonight's premiere presentation of Discovery Health's Transgender M.D. we get a bird's eye view of the life of Dr. Bowers, a world-renowned gender reassignment specialist.

Bowers works out of the tiny town of Trinidad, Colorado (pop. 10,000), where she is the only OB/GYN for 120 miles around.

The documentary also follows the sex reassignment of Erin Sullivan, 32, a San Diegan about to undergo surgery to become a woman. Robert Nunnelly, Sullivan's father, has accompanied her on the journey.

“I did not feel comfortable in my own body,” Sullivan says from inside the living room of The Morning After, a recuperative house for Bowers' patients. “I knew, essentially, that I would be making myself in many ways a societal outcast, but in order to be true to myself and in order to be myself I had to change.”

About half the patients in Bowers' waiting room are female OB/GYN clients. But the other half seek her out for the surgery that has made her the “Barack Obama of gender.” Patients with whom Bowers can relate. She was once Dr. Mark Bowers, father of three.

The humble Bowers shares with us the story she's most likely heard hundreds of times: Her gender just never felt right. During the winter of 1996 Mark made the difficult decision to tell his wife, Ann Bowers, that he needed to change, and by 1998 she was calling him Marci. The pair, however, remained friends – and married.

Today Bowers' life revolves around her two families. A family in Seattle, where wife Ann runs a clinic for her and raises their children, and another in Trinidad, where she maintains her sex reassignment hospital and partner Carol Cometto manages The Morning After house.

Ultimately, we learn she has stitched together a fulfilling life focused on improving the lives of her patients while remaining devoted to her family.

Transgender M.D. premieres tonight on Discovery Health.