Fashionistas who have followed the rise of Jay McCarroll from the sewing and shopping challenges of the first season of Project Runway to fashion stardom take heart at the arrival of Eleven Minutes, a film that documents what happened to McCarroll after he exited from reality TV.

After winning the first season of Project Runway, McCarroll returned to his long-standing pursuit of becoming a working designer. The openly gay McCarroll turned down the contest's $100,000 prize money, citing a contractual clause that gave the Project Runway production company a 10% stake in all his professional ventures in perpetuity.

He also walked away from a Banana Republic mentorship. “That was totally not anything like what I needed,” McCarroll said of the offer that pushed distribution over brand building.

But Project Runway only whetted a public's appetite for the charismatic McCarrol, and directors Michael Selditch and Rob Tate have rushed in to fill the void. Eleven Minutes is the filmmakers' feature film follow up to an hour-long tribute piece first aired on cable channel Bravo.

The film is McCarroll fumbling through fashion disasters and red ink as he becomes indoctrinated into the high-stakes business world of fashion. Through it all, the teddy-bearish McCarroll remains highly entertaining, calling vaginal discharge or hot-air balloons the inspiration behind his new collection about to the unveiled at New York Fashion Week.

“The goal of this new documentary was to drop the pretenses of reality TV and focus on the work – the daily trials of designing a line of clothing, putting together a fashion show and selling the line to stores,” a director's statement says.

Variety endorsed the film by saying it “celebrates a triumphant fiasco,” while Express named it “Project Runway on crack.”

Eleven Minutes premieres on cable channel here! Friday, February 20.