Lawyers representing former Illinois Representative Aaron Schock claim that federal investigators asked witnesses about their client's sexual orientation.

The lawyers made the claims Tuesday in a 92-page filing, accusing investigators of prosecutorial misconduct, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The “prosecutor and agents have dug into every aspect of Mr. Schock's life by any means necessary,” the lawyers wrote. “No topic has been off limits. The federal government has even delved, repeatedly, into the most intimate details of his life, including repeated inquiries to witnesses into who he has slept with and whether he is gay.”

Schock, a Republican, last year was indicted on 24 criminal counts, including wire fraud, theft of government funds and making false statements. Schock, who has suggested the investigation was a witch hunt, resigned from Congress after the allegations surfaced.

Rumors that Schock – who consistently voted against LGBT rights – may be gay have been attributed to his colorful Instagram posts.

“The government's inquiries into Mr. Schock's sexuality and romantic relationships were not just distasteful and offensive. They were prejudicial,” the lawyers wrote in this week's filing.

Schock's lawyers argue that the charges against their client should be dismissed because of the alleged misconduct of investigators.

Schock's trial is scheduled for January, 2018.