Christian conservative Mat Staver on Thursday blamed Kentucky's former Democratic governor for the state's more than $200,000 legal bill over a county clerk's refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

Last month, a federal judge ordered Kentucky to pay the legal fees of lawyers representing couples denied a marriage license by Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, who ordered her office to stop issuing marriage licenses after the Supreme Court in 2015 ruled that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.

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Davis was represented in her legal fight by Liberty Counsel, a group vocally opposed to LGBT rights.

On Thursday's Faith and Freedom radio broadcast, Liberty Counsel's Staver claimed that former Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, was at fault, because he refused to issue an executive order exempting Davis from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“If, at the end of the day, the state of Kentucky has to pay for attorney’s fees, whose responsibility is that? It’s not Kim Davis. It’s not Rowan Country. It’s not the current legislative body … It’s certainly not Gov. Matt Bevin,” Staver told his listeners.

“It is the former liberal Democratic Gov. Beshear. Had he [provided a religious liberty accommodation to Davis,] this case never would have gone anywhere. Had he done that, Kim Davis never would have spent any time in jail. Had he done that, the ACLU never would have had a case.”

“Because he was so ideologically blinded with the same-sex marriage agenda and he wanted to force Kim Davis down this path, he would not lift a finger to give a religious liberty accommodation. At the end of the day, worst case scenario, if the commonwealth is ultimately responsible for these fees, it lies at the feet and is the responsibility of the former liberal Gov. Steve Beshear,” he added.

It should be noted that Beshear instructed Davis to issue the marriage licenses.