The peeps behind the for-your-awards-consideration online gay and lesbian newsmagazine On Top Magazine announced today the availability of a new subscription service to augment their daily newsletter.

The new RSS service gives readers complete coverage of LGBT news, features and opinion pieces found at the website.

Managing Editor Carlos Santoscoy explained the need: “When we started On Top three years ago, we were posting two or three stories a day. At the time, our seven story format newsletter worked well. But today we often exceed twelve stories in a day. For the reader who is monitoring our website via our newsletter they're driving with a big blind spot.”

“It's like our newsletter has spotty current, but the new subscription feed is totally amped up,” said Entertainment Editor Slim, who also happens to be an electrical engineer.

“Subscriptions! Newsletters?” Dan Maloney, a demented man who has nothing at all to do with the publication that Dan Savage, the gay sex guru, once linked to from The Stranger (, said. “Real men surf over to the website itself. They meticulously click on every photo and link on the page, making certain not to miss a single precious story. That's how our grandfathers did it. Like what would that take? Two minutes ... thirty? I'm not sure, I've never been there myself.”

Openly lesbian news personality Rachel Maddow, the political firecracker who – along with her red headed comic sidekick Kent Jones – has been lighting up MSNBC like a roman candle, recently said on The Rachel Maddow Show that the situation made her “liiiiiivid.” Of course, that was not in response to our digital list of stories with the capacity to alter the course of humanity for the better, but most probably something to do with the mundane, like her pet topic of the ascension of America's first Black President, Barack Obama. But she did look us right in the eye as she rolled her brown eyes ... hard.

There are, of course, very good reasons to avoid the new RSS subscription service. Say if you still experience a sense of schadenfreude over the passage of Proposition 8, think Proposition 8 is a film starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore, or being straight is just a point of pride for you, then, probably, and we're just guessing here, a little list of gay related stories traveling across the Internet from gay utopia to your digital desktop would not be a welcoming treat for you. We're just saying.

On the Net: Your golden opportunity to subscribe to that list of gay stories is available here