Gay webseries Where the Bears Are returns for a sixth season on August 31.

The comedy series, which combines a murder mystery plot and lots of large furry men, centers around roommates Reggie (played by Rick Copp), Wood (Joe Dietl) and Nelson (Ben Zook) and Nelson's husband Hot Toddy (Ian Parks).

Copp, Dietl and Zook created the series, which first premiered in 2012, and used to fund the show's last four seasons. More than 1,200 people pledged more than $160,000 toward the production of season 6.

In season 6, Nelson is accused of murder and Wood returns to the gay bear porn industry.

From the show's Kickstarter page: “Season 6 will thrust our hairy heroes into yet another thrilling mystery surrounding the death of one of Nelson's co-stars on his TV series, Law and Order: MRU. Meanwhile, Reggie's true crime show on the Inquisitive Channel is moving up in the ratings, thanks mainly to his new co-host...famous serial killer, Cyril Bowers! Reggie also will find love this season with a wealthy business man. At the same time, Todd is busy at the agency trying to foil a possible assassination attempt of a foreign dignitary. And, Wood decides to expand his brand by getting back into the gay bear porn industry! If that weren't enough, Det. Winters and Martinez open their own detective business and hire former boss, Captain Coley as their assistant!”

Previous seasons of Where the Bears Are can be purchased at Amazon and iTunes.