Christian conservatives are praising President Donald Trump's announcement to ban transgender troops.

The president declared in a series of tweets Wednesday that the military will no longer “accept or allow” transgender troops to serve “in any capacity.”

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Liberty Counsel, a group vocally opposed to LGBT rights, said in a press release that the president was “making America safe again” by barring “so-called transgender people.” It also said that its Public Policy Director Jonathan Alexandre had met with White House officials about the issue last Friday.

In an interview with the AP, Mandi Ancalle, general counsel for government at the Family Research Council (FRC), said that the group was “pleased” with the president's decision.

“It's really about ensuring that the military doesn't incur these distractions and these high costs,” Ancalle said.

Matt Barber, the director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel, responded by calling on the Pentagon to reinstate a ban on gay and bisexual troops, who have been serving openly since the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in 2011.

“Prohibit all open sexual deviancy in the ranks of the armed forces,” Barber said in a Facebook post.

“The military is no place for extremist San Francisco-style socio-political activism. Such social engineering destroys national security, troop morale and unit cohesion. It also violates natural law, settled science, and God’s moral law. President Trump did the right thing today by prohibiting those suffering from the gender dysphoria mental disorder,” he added.