In calling on New Jersey Governor Christ Christie to veto a transgender rights bill, Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, described the legislation as “state-sponsored child exploitation.”

Christie, a Republican, signed the bill on Friday with little fanfare.

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Under the legislation introduced by Democrats, schools cannot force transgender students to use facilities that conflict with their gender identity and faculty and staff must address transgender students by the name and pronoun they prefer.

In an email to supporters, Staver called on the governor to veto the bill, saying that it would harm students.

“The State of New Jersey has no business invading the privacy and jeopardizing the safety of students by forcing them to use restrooms, showers and hotel rooms for overnight events with someone of the opposite sex,” said Staver. “Nor does the state have the right to force students and school personnel to participate in a delusion by requiring them to pretend that people can change their sex. This policy is harmful to everyone. S3067/A4652 violates the religious, privacy, safety and First Amendment rights of students and staff and oversteps parental authority. It is parents, not school officials, who have the right to guide their children in making informed choices about what is best for them. Parents do not want their daughters changing and sleeping in the presence of biological boys, and vice versa. S3067/A4652 is state-sponsored child exploitation and Liberty Counsel urges Governor Christie to veto this bill.”

Staver, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, is best known for representing Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who defied the U.S. Supreme Court's 2015 ruling that struck down state marriage bans.

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