The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has labeled as “fake news” reports that it supports the criminalization of gay sex.

ADF has been in the headlines lately because the legal group is representing several clients who believe they have the right to deny services to the LGBT community. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in one case involving a Colorado baker.

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Also, the group last week hosted Attorney General Jeff Sessions at its Summit on Religious Liberty in California, where he promised the group that the Department of Justice is preparing guidance to protect “religious liberty.”

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In a press release condemning Sessions' participation in the event, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described ADF as a “hate group” that “specializes in supporting the criminalization of homosexuality abroad.”

Speaking to One News Now, a Christian news site, ADF Director of Communications Kerri Kupec lashed out at ABC News for repeating SPLC's description of ADF as a “hate group,” calling it “journalistic malpractice.”

“I have no idea where that came from,” Kupec said of SPLC's claim that the group supports the criminalization of gay sex. “That's fake news, for sure.”

SPLC President Richard Cohen responded in a statement.

“The Alliance Defending Freedom spreads demonizing lies about the LGBT community in this country and seeks to criminalize it abroad. If the ADF had its way, gay people would be back in the closet for fear of going to jail. It was inappropriate for Attorney General Sessions to lend his credibility to the group by appearing before it, and it was ironic that he would suggest that the rights of ADF sympathizers are under attack when the ADF is doing everything in its power to deny the equal protection of the laws to the LGBT community,” Cohen said.