A photo of Texas Governor Greg Abbot smiling with his arm around a transgender woman has gone viral.

Abbot and Ashley Smith, a San Antonio-based LGBT rights activist, posed for the photo on Friday after Abbott held a rally to announce his re-election bid.

Smith shared the photo on Facebook with the hashtag #bathroombuddy. “How will the Potty Police know I'm transgender if the governor doesn't?” she asked in the post. As of Wednesday, the post had received more than 5,000 likes.

Abbott called state lawmakers to reconvene in Austin for a 30-day special session that started Tuesday. A bill that seeks to restrict bathroom access for transgender people is a top priority for some Republicans. Abbot has said that he supports the legislation.

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“There's really no reason to be afraid of us,” Smith told CNN. “We're your friends, your neighbors. We're teachers, engineers, policemen.”

“I'm affected by this potential legislation and so are potentially about 125,000 other transgender Texans,” she said.

Smith added that she thinks passage of the legislation “would be a disaster.” “Transgender people have faced harassment just for being who they are,” she said.