Transgender activist and author Janet Mock said in a recent interview with The Advocate that she was not surprised by the “ugliness” surrounding President Donald Trump's election.

In the interview, Mock, 34, promoted her upcoming appearance on VH1's Daytime Divas. In her acting debut – which airs Monday – Mock plays herself.

Mock was also asked about her mind-set six months into Trump's presidency. She answered that she was not surprised by the “ugliness” that accompanied the campaign because she had already experienced it.

“I was outraged long before he won,” Mock said. “So it wasn’t just January 20 [that I became upset with Trump]. Like most people, I wasn’t shocked that a lot of white folk who felt they didn’t have what they wanted in the world voted for him. All the things he said about people who were not white, people who were poor, people of color, queer trans people, disabled folk [were terrible]; so for me in this time period, we’ve seen him show who he is, and we also in a sense, the people who supported him, we saw [what] a lot of our fellow citizens think and believe. And part of their beliefs are that some of us are more deserving of us being here and some of us are not.”

“It’s deeply discouraging that that’s happening. At the same time, we’ve also seen a great coming together of a lot of folk who do not believe that. People who do not believe in him and his administration and believe we’re a country of immigrants and folk who should be able to have access to live freely, love freely, be who we are, and to also band together and resist.”

When asked, “Do you think Trump's win opened people's eyes to the discrimination that still exists in this country?” Mock answered, “A lot of us already knew that that ugliness existed because we see it in our everyday lives.”

“Trans and people of color are oppressed every single day; there are not many protections for us. So I’m not surprised by it. But for many people, it was a wake-up call for where we are as a country,” she said.