A political science instructor at Brigham Young University – Idaho said this week that she was terminated over a pro-LGBT Facebook post.

According to Deseret News, Ruthie Robertson, 22, came out in support of Pride Month in a June 5 Facebook post.

“I'm currently a member of the LDS Church,” Robertson wrote. “This organization has openly and forcefully opposed same-sex relationships and legalized same-sex marriage.”

“This is my official announcement and declaration that I believe heterosexuality and homosexuality are both natural and neither is sinful. … Most Christian faiths label homosexuality as a sin based on archaic writings. A few hateful verses in the Old Testament have led to hundreds of years of prejudice, hatred, violence and pain. If we're going to follow the Old Testament, and use it to justify a hateful stance, there are several other things we need to start condemning and punishing.”

“I will always and forever stand up for the equality of the LGBT community. Sexuality and gender are not binary, they are on a spectrum and that's how we were made. Stand up for humanity, love people because of who they are … not despite who they are,” she concluded.

The post was reported to the chair of the political science department at BYU-Idaho, which is owned and operated by the LDS church (the Mormons). After several meetings with administrators, Robertson was told that she would be terminated at the end of the spring term, which ended Tuesday.

According to Robertson, no other issues were raised during those meetings.

“It was just this post,” she told Deseret News. “I know the woman who reported me to my department head already had some issues with my feminist posts. There had never been anything in my classroom that had been controversial. I kept the church out of my classroom as much as possible because I didn't want my personal views of doctrine and policy confused with fact.”