An apple farmer opposed to same-sex marriage on Monday asked a judge to issue an injunction that would force the city of East Lansing, Michigan to allow him to return to its outdoor market.

Stephen Tennes' The Country Mill farm in Eaton County is a popular wedding venue. In a Facebook post in December, Tennes said that he reserves the right to refuse to host the weddings of gay and lesbian couples.

The city responded by barring Tennes from its market, saying that he had violated its civil rights ordinance, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Tennes filed a lawsuit in May, saying that his rights to free speech and religion are being violated. Tennes is represented by the Washington-based Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the same Christian conservative legal group that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to last week.

“If the government can shut down a family farmer just because of the religious views he expressed on Facebook … then no American is free,” attorney Kate Anderson told the AP.

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According to the AP, East Lasing told the judge that it had responded to Tennes' conduct, not his speech.