There are places where one expects to see a funny lesbian – a comedy club, leading a gay pride parade – more to the point there are places one expects to see Kate Clinton, and that would not necessarily be President Bush's going away festivities. (Does she fret the loss of the effortless Bush and Dick punchlines, and their double-entrendes, we wonder.)

But before we get to that part, haven't there been other places you didn't expect to see her, such as commenting on the Afghanistan war on CNN?

Last year, Clinton took her self-described fumerism (feminist humor) on tour, when she performed on Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Tour 2008, which mixed queer politics, rock and roll, and, as we now know, fumerists.

More political than your average laugh hound, and with three one-woman shows (Correct Me If I'm Right, All Het Up, and Kate's Out Is In) and two books (Don't Get Me Started, and What the L) under her belt, Clinton has helped raise the profile of queer political humor over the past two decades more than any other gay satirist we can think of.

But on January 19, you'll find openly lesbian Kate Clinton in Washington DC – herb offerings in hand – saying goodbye to the legacy of our departing forty-third president ... or at least his spirit.

Speaking to Charlotte Robinson at OUTTAKEVOICES, Clinton said the idea grew from a joke she used in her comedy about a shaman who cleansed the area around Machu Piccho of evil spirits after the president visited.

“We are going to meet in Washington at 6PM at the new White House visitor's center,” Clinton said in a new interview located at the website. “We'll mill around there for a little bit. And then we're just gonna walk over towards the White House, or as close as we can get, with our little sage sticks and try to get out the bad spirits. So, we can clear out the bad spirits in time for the new Obama administration to come in on the next day.”

OK, maybe clearing out the bad spirit of the Bush legacy is what we can expect from an openly lesbian humorists whose microphone leans to the left.

On the net: Kate Clinton's website is at You can hear Clinton's entire audio interview, and others from prominent gay and lesbian leaders, at OUTTAKEVOICES.COM.