Lives change when a person comes out of the closet. And that, Showtime believes, would make great television.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the cable channel is developing a reality series that documents the altered lives of gay people as they take that plunge.

Each episode of the series, titled Way Out, seeks to document a closeted persons life – before, during and after the big reveal – and how coming out affects their relationships with friends and family.

Bryn Freedman, who executive produced A&E's Intervention, will share co-producing duties with Evan Weiss.

“It's a show that has universal appeal because everybody can relate to having part of their lives hidden,” said Freedman. “The show is all about getting to know the person – why they have been reluctant to come out and what it looks like to be living a lie, [and] what it is like when people are trying to set you up with dates.”

Freedman believes the show is similar to the acclaimed Intervention, and will provoke similar controversial reactions.

“Before the show comes out, I think people will have a lot of concerns about it,” she said. “But like with Intervention, people see we're treating this subject with absolute respect and care and expect it will open a lot of hearts and minds.”

The project remains in the pilot state, but Showtime has shown great strength with gay related material in the past.

And as the cable channel prepares to bid farewell to its much loved lesbian drama L Word, it most assuredly is looking for ways to maintain its gay audience.

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