Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri has introduced an amendment that seeks to prohibit the Department of Defense from providing transition-related health care to transgender troops.

According to The Hill, Hartzler's amendment would cut off funds for treatments such as hormone therapy and gender reassignment. Transgender troops would still have access to mental health treatment.

The amendment is part of the defense authorization bill for 2018. The House Rules Committee could vote on amendments to the $697 billion bill as early as this week.

Late last month, Hartzler criticized an Obama-era policy that allows transgender troops to serve openly. She proposed, then withdrew, an amendment barring transgender individuals from serving in the military. She said that she changed course because she wanted to give the Pentagon “an opportunity to address this problem internally.”

Shortly afterwards, the Pentagon delayed by six months its plan to allow openly transgender people to enlist. That policy was scheduled to take effect on July 1.

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Hartzler defended her position, suggesting that transgender individuals would be a burden on the military's health system.

“Currently, we refuse entrance into the armed forces for lesser physical issues, such as flat feet, bunions, asthma and sleep walking. … [Y]et accession standards are set to be modified to allow transgender individuals into a military where they will be unable to fully serve. This is a senseless and highly unfair double standard,” Hartzler is quoted as saying by USA Today.