Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the host of The Alex Jones Show and founder of, took aim this week at transgender people.

On his radio show, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network from Austin, Texas, Jones, 43, criticized media coverage of a British transgender man who recently gave birth to a child. Jones called the British man a “fraud” and “a woman that thinks she's a man.”

“It's not that I hate mentally ill people,” Jones told his audience. “If somebody wants to go be a woman or be a tranny, if it's a gay guy and wants to go pick up more guys, you want to go get breast implants and doll your hair up, knock yourself out. I'm all for freedom.”

Writing at The Advocate, Trudy Ring responded, writing that “Jones obviously doesn't know much about transgender people if he thinks anyone takes the difficult and complicated process of transitioning so lightly.”

Jones is known for promoting the false theory that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran a child prostitution ring from a pizza parlor in the District of Columbia. In December, a man from North Carolina fired three shots into the restaurant and was arrested without incident. He said he wanted to “self-investigate” the claims.

During the presidential campaign, Jones praised President Donald Trump, who appeared on his show, while Clinton criticized Trump for his ties to Jones.