London Mayor Sadiq Khan told revelers at Saturday's LGBT Pride Parade that the festivities are the best antidote to the city's recent bout with tragedy.

The 46-year-old Khan also called this year's event the biggest ever.

“We've had a horrible last few weeks. We've had terror, we've had tragedy. You know what the best antidote to sorrow, the best antidote to sadness, to bereavement, to hatred, is Pride in London,” Khan said, referring to recent terrorist attacks and a fire in a public housing high-rise tower.

Khan also told the crowd that there “will be no backtracking on LGBT+ rights” as the government builds a coalition with the DUP, a conservative party opposed to marriage equality.

In a video message, Prime Minister Theresa May told the crowd that the UK “will continue to stand up for human rights, directly challenging at the highest political levels governments that criminalize homosexuality or practice violence and discrimination against LGBT+ people.”

“And here at home too,” she added. “We must stamp out homophobic bullying in schools, and drive down homophobic and transphobic hate crime.”

According to the AP, more than 25,000 people participated in Saturday's parade, with up to 1 million people watching.

Londoners are also celebrating fifty years since passage of the Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalized sex between people of the same gender in England and Wales.