In an interview with NPR, out actor Tituss Burgess responded to criticism about the flamboyant best friend character he plays on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The 38-year-old Burgess' portrayal of Titus Andromedon has earned him an Emmy nomination.

“I've heard a narrative about LGBT characters on TV,” interviewer Ari Shapiro started. “And I know you're familiar with this. It goes, look how far we've come. It used to be that every gay character on TV was an effeminate, flamboyant best friend and now America's moved past that. And your character is an effeminate, flamboyant best friend. And there have definitely been people who have said you're not helping the cause. … How do you respond to that?”

“They're not watching the show.” Burgess responded. “Titus Andromedon is more everyman than any other character on that TV show. He's broke. He doesn't have money to pay the rent. He can't keep a job. He gets racially profiled. I mean, so what that he adds a couple of s's to the words he says or, you know, wears women's clothes?”

“If how someone moves about the world on the spectrum of masculinity to femininity is a measure with which the cause or LGBT characters have either moved forward or regressed, if that's what they're basing it on, then what kind of two-dimensional world are they living in? So the question sounds ill-informed already, and I tend to not answer it.”