Dan Reynolds, lead vocalist for the rock band Imagine Dragons, has credited his wife Aja Volkman for teaching him that “gay is beautiful.”

The Trevor Project, which runs a suicide hotline for LGBT youth, last week honored Reynolds with its Hero Award.

In accepting his award, Reynolds, who grew up Mormon, said that he regrets repeating the Mormon teaching that being gay is a sin during his two year missionary.

“I knocked on thousands of doors. For those two years when people asked me what the doctrine was and they said, 'Hey, I'm gay,' I thought that it was a sin because that's what I had been raised to teach,” Reynolds said.

“I hold regret about that until this day. I wish I could re-knock on those doors and tell them I was wrong. I can't do that. All I can do is come forward to you today and say I'm sincerely sorry.”

“My wife was my missionary,” he continued. “She taught me what I already knew in my heart, which was that to be gay is beautiful.”

Reynolds is helping to organize the upcoming music festival Love Loud in Provo, Utah. Proceeds from the event will benefit GLAAD, The Trevor Project, Encircle and Stand4Kind.