Daniel Newman covers the July issue of UK gay glossy Attitude.

In April, Newman, who plays Kingdom member Daniel on AMC's The Walking Dead, came out in a video that went viral.

In his first major interview since coming out, Newman said that he was warned against coming out in Hollywood.

“When I started to open up to the networks, agents and management about being bisexual they were like, ‘good God, never say that, that will kill your career instantly,’” he told Attitude. “They said basically that the rule in Hollywood is if you are incredibly flamboyant then use that to your advantage, be super-gay, be the comedians, do comedy roles. But if you want to be a leading man, you can’t be open about your sexuality.”

Newman also criticized celebrities who come out at the end of their careers.

“There are so many who wait until their fame dies down and they’re not successful any more and then they want to capitalize on the gay audience,” Daniel said.

“They’re like, ‘I don’t have any fans, maybe if I admit I’m gay, then I’ll make some more money.’ And I just think that’s pathetic. I don’t want to judge anybody, but I was like, ‘My career is starting to take off right now and I’m so proud of my community and who we are and I’m so proud to be living in this day and age when so many people have fought and died for our rights and to change the world,'” he added.

Newman is currently in a relationship with a man, whom he recently described as “amazing.”