Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Hoch is introducing himself to voters with a humorous ad that includes his exasperated husband.

In the 60-second ad, Hoch is seen talking about how to improve Minneapolis with his neighbors, friends and ostensibly strangers on the street.

When a woman asks his husband whether he's always talking about improving Minneapolis, the exasperated husband replies, “yeah,” with a sigh.

“Please vote for Tom Hoch for mayor of Minneapolis,” the needled husband, his hands clasped, pleads at the end of the ad. “Please.”

Hoch, who has worked to revitalize downtown, told local CBS affiliate WCCO: “I happen to be gay, but I'm not running to be the gay mayor. I want people to know who I am.”

“It's also an example of how normal we are. We're married. Happen to be two men, but it really isn't substantially different than it is for any married couple,” he added.

Hoch's ad will run this week as Minneapolis celebrates LGBT Pride.