Out actor Colton Haynes revealed this week that he lost his virginity at 13.

“I lost my virginity at 13 to a girl and a guy,” Haynes told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show. “I've never said that before.”

“The girl was two years older than me, and the guy was, I would say, around 16. … Everyone participated. It was a real first time. It was exciting,” he said, then clarified that the encounters were separate.

He added that he's dated both men and women.

Haynes, whose credits include Arrow and Teen Wolf, came out gay in 2015. The 28-year-old is currently engaged to floral designer Jeff Leatham, 47.

He also told Cohen that he was told that he “could not be gay” in Hollywood and that his management team tried to set him up with women.

“It was like a Tab Hunter situation. It was really horrible,” Haynes said, referring to the Hollywood star who remained closeted throughout the height of his career.