Transgender actress Candis Cayne took on the topics of President Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner's politics during an interview with Larry King.

Cayne, 45, is best known for playing Carmelita on ABC's primetime drama Dirty Sexy Money. She also appeared on I Am Cait, E!'s reality series that chronicled the life of Jenner.

“So what do you make of [Trump]?” King, the host of Larry King Now, asked.

“I think that he's a narcissist, and he has an over inflated ego,” Cayne responded. “He doesn't listen to anybody. He doesn't read anything. And his only answer to most questions are 140 characters.”

When asked whether Trump had been “especially rough for the LGBT community,” Cayne answered, “Yes, in the sense that he's surrounded himself in his cabinet with people who are outspoken against the gay community.”

“Caitlyn is a friend of yours and she is conservative,” King pointed out.

“She is conservative and we've had some debates. … With Cait, I didn't ever want to carry that into our friendship. And I think that was the point that people missed about the show, is that they wanted to focus on [Jenner's politics] and then not just allow them to see all of us as who we really are,” Cayne answered.

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