A judge on Tuesday declared a mistrial in the case of a North Carolina minister charged with the assaulting and kidnapping of a gay church member.

According to the AP, Superior Court Judge Gary Gavenus declared a juror, 71-year-old Perry Shade, Jr., in contempt, sentencing him to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine for distributing three documents to his fellow jurors. “One of the documents was North Carolina case law,” the AP reported.

Word of Faith Fellowship minister Brooke Covington is one of five people charged with the January 2013 beating of Matthew Fenner.

Fenner, 23, testified that roughly 30 church members participated in holding him against his will as they beat, choked and screamed at him for two hours. Fenner said that his attackers told him that they wanted to “expel his homosexual demons.”

Gavneus said that he was uncertain when a new trial would be scheduled for Covington, 58.