Christian conservative Linda Harvey has praised President Donald Trump's refusal to declare June LGBT Pride month.

In a column titled Is 'LGBTQ' Coalition Balkanizing?, Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America, called for the Christian church, parents and grandparents to “rise up and say, NO MORE” to cities hosting LGBT Pride marches, parades and festivals in the month of June.

About this weekend's Equality March in Washington, Harvey mocked its name, saying that a call for equality would be “a relief for America, where most people are fed up with bullying by those proud of chosen sexual sin who are eager to force fellow Americans to violate religious or moral convictions.”

“Give us all a break,” she responded to Equality March organizers who told MSN that “anti-LGBT rhetoric and continuing discrimination” warrant what is expected to be a massive rally.

“There are reports of violence against homosexuals in a few isolated instances around the globe, and such policies should be overturned. But to use these to claim 'discrimination' in today's 'gay'-deferential America is laughable. The trend here is far and away in the other direction,” Harvey said, suggesting that Christians opposed to LGBT rights were facing discrimination.

“The good news is that President Trump has not issued a June 'gay pride' proclamation, as Barack Obama did during his two terms,” she added.

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