Organizers behind Poland's 17th annual Equality Parade say Saturday's event set a new attendance record with 50,000 participants.

Police in Warsaw, however, gave a much lower attendance figure, estimated at 13,000.

Mostly Roman Catholic Poland is the largest nation in the EU to offer no protections for gay and lesbian couples and one of seven in the 28-member bloc to define marriage as a heterosexual union in its constitution.

Demonstrators carrying balloons and rainbow flags marched and danced down the streets of central Warsaw to protest the government's opposition to civil unions and marriage for gay couples.

Police removed several members of right-wing groups opposed to LGBT rights who attempted to disrupt the march.

According to DW, a woman protested the parade with a sign that read, “Men who live with each other, will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

The Warsaw Palace of Culture was illuminated in rainbow colors to celebrate the event.