Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on Thursday announced that her government will introduce a same-sex marriage bill.

According to local reports, Bachelet announced the legislation in an address to Congress.

“It cannot be that old prejudices are stronger than love,” she reportedly said.

Since 2015, Chile has recognized gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. As part of her 2013 campaign, Bachelet pledged to introduce a same-sex marriage bill. Some lawmakers at the time said that they voted for civil unions in an effort to derail the government's promise of a marriage bill.

Bachelet's government last June agreed to introduce legislation extending marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples as part of a settlement in a lawsuit brought by three couples, each of whom had been denied a marriage license. The couples were represented by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation.

“President Bachelet today has reaffirmed the amicable solution she reached with our organization,” Rolando Jimenez, the group's president, said in a statement. Jimenez added that his group was planning a “massive march” to support marriage equality and transgender rights in Santiago on June 24.