Out radio host Enrique Santos says in a new interview that he doesn't believe President Donald Trump cares about LGBT rights.

Santos is the host of two shows syndicated nationally: A morning show, The Enrique Santos Show, on iHeart Miami's TU 94.9 and a weekend show titled On The Move with Enrique Santos.

Appearing on Larry King Now, Santos told host Larry King that he came out to his Cuban parents in his twenties.

“It was very tough to come out,” Santos said. “I was fortunate enough for my parents to be open minded enough to understand it. … I'm blessed to have had that experience, because unfortunately a lot of people don't have that experience, Larry. And they confront much more so on the Latino side of it. The machismo was a big factor about it.”

“We all have gays in our families. All of us do. I guarantee you, if you look around someone is gay and someone is struggling with this.”

“Do you think Trump is a friend of the LGBT community?” King asked.

“Um,” Santos replied with a large smile.

“Do you think he cares?”

“I just don't think he cares. I truly don't think he cares. He hasn't proven to me that he cares.” Santos answered.