Debra Messing and the cast of Will & Grace will return to NBC in the fall after 11 years off the air, but how will the writers reconcile the show's ending?

According to Messing, the show's revival will occur in the present to address the current political climate.

But the show ended with best friends Grace (played by Messing) and Will (Eric McCormack) reuniting after nearly twenty years when their kids find each other at college and eventually marry. That is, in 2017 Will and Grace are not speaking to each other and their children are about 11 years old. Also, Jack (Sean Hayes) is wealthy, having inherited Beverly Leslie's (Leslie Jordan) fortune, and taking care of penniless Karen (Megan Mullally).

“All I know is that I was told they've come up with a very creative way of dealing with how the show ended, and that it will be in real time,” Messing said during an appearance on Sirius XM's The Bill Carter Interview that airs Monday, June 5th.

Reuniting last year for a 10-minute political skit that went viral ahead of the election led to the 12-episode order from NBC.

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“[We'll talk about] social issues, political issues, and be outrageous,” Messing added. “And it seemed like there literally is no better time than right now for this kind of show that's already welcomed, to come back and to try to make people think the way that we did 10 years ago.”