Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Republican, on Friday repeated calls for a special session to pass a bill that targets the transgender community.

Patrick made his demands during a press conference that took place after House Speaker Joe Straus rejected calls to create a conference committee aimed at advancing the legislation.

“The House has compromised enough on this issue,” Straus told reporters. “It's absurd that bathroom bills have taken on greater urgency than fixing our school finance system.”

On Sunday, months after the Senate approved a “bathroom bill” that includes all government buildings, the House approved a more modest version that applies only to schools. The bill allows public schools to restrict transgender students to using only single-use facilities.

The Senate, which is controlled by Patrick, rejected the House version and asked for the conference committee on the issue, which Straus rejected, saying that the scaled-back bill was “enough” and that the House will “go no further.”

“Tonight, I'm making it very clear. Governor: I want you to call us back,” Patrick said on Friday.

Lawmakers adjourn for the summer on May 29.