Out actor Alan Cumming lashed out at President Donald Trump during a recent interview with CBS News.

The 52-year-old Cumming is best known for his portrayal of Eli Gold on CBS's The Good Wife. He'll return to CBS in the fall playing a CIA operative in Instinct.

When asked about his concerns about the climate for LGBT people in Trump's America, Cumming had a lot to say, including calling Trump “an embarrassment.”

“In terms of the impact around the world, people look to America – less and less now, of course, since Trump became president. He's an embarrassment to America for people looking at us, but I think certainly his lack of interest in continuing the process of supporting equality in all areas is something that people will look at. That obviously has an effect in America and around the world. Hate crimes against LGBT people – especially transgender people, especially against people of color – have rocketed, and of course they would because you have someone who condones those attacks through silence,” Cumming answered.

“I just feel that when you have someone as irrational and pandering to anyone who will keep him in his place of power, that's a very dangerous place if you're in a minority group that recently just had a big surge in equality. If you think the reasons why we have Trump is a massive backlash against people of color in the White House, it's also a backlash against laws during [President Barack] Obama's time and a lot of laws pertaining to the LGBT community.”

“I feel obviously New York or anywhere near water in America where you have people coming from other cultures, you're not scared or hateful of them, but there are big swathes of America that are still very fearful of the other, and I worry about young kids who are in an environment that says if the president is a bully, then why shouldn't you be?” he added.

On June 21, Cumming will host the inaugural Village Voice Pride Awards in New York City, which will recognize LGBT heroes.