Out singer Adam Lambert said in a recent interview that “wine and weed” help him deal with a broken heart.

The 35-year-old Lambert is currently touring with Queen.

“On the topic of this issue's parallel theme of heartbreak, the currently single Lambert admits that 'wine and weed' have often helped him deal with a broken heart,” Flaunt editors wrote.

“It's a tricky balance though,” Lambert cautions. “Too much can push you further into darkness.

Lambert added that professional disappointments can also lead to heartache.

“I invest myself so fully into my work that if an outcome doesn’t match my expectations, it hits me very hard,” Lambert said. “Being an entertainer, you get kind of obsessive about your journey, your career. If you’re driven, which you have to be, you’re constantly looking for the next thing and it’s hard to feel satisfied. So I’m starting to challenge myself to appreciate where I’m at in the moment more.”