The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Monday released a video calling on President Donald Trump to protect opponents of LGBT rights.

The video is part of the group's campaign asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions “to issue comprehensive rules to protect the religious liberty of people who support marriage, life, and the truth of gender and ensure we are not targeted by the federal government because of our views.”

Social conservatives disappointed that an executive order signed by Trump does not limit LGBT rights as expected are turning to Sessions for relief. Language in the order directs Sessions – who scored a zero in the Senate on a survey of LGBT support – to “issue guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in Federal law.”

“[W] are obligated to call President Trump out when he has not done what he has promised to do – and protecting the religious liberty of people of faith to continue to live out their beliefs about marriage, gender, life and human sexuality is at the top of the 'unfulfilled promises' list,” NOM President Brian Brown said in releasing the video.

Most of the cases featured in the group's 2-minute video involve LGBT rights.