Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Thursday paid tribute to his former boss Roger Ailes, who died at 77 of complications from a head injury.

In remembering Ailes, Smith, 52, recognized his flaws, possibly the allegations of sexual harassment that last year forced him out of the media empire he built.

Smith described Ailes as a “media genius, revolutionary in American politics, shaper of American history, uproariously funny man with now well-documented flaws” during an on-air tribute.

“I loved him,” Smith said.

“There was an underdog spirit here that was exhilarating,” Smith said of the early days of Fox News as it challenged established networks CNN and MSNBC. “And our leader was inspiring like none other. We worked not for Fox News but for Roger Ailes and he was with us in the bunker fighting for respect and fighting for viewers. Fighting to win.”

Smith, who came out last year, recently revealed he's in a relationship.