As he leaves the French presidency, Francois Hollande vaunted his role in legalizing marriage for gay men and lesbians in France.

Emmanuel Macron, who won France's presidential election on May 7, was formally declared president Sunday in the Elysee Palace. Macron becomes France's youngest president. He won on a pro-European platform and supports LGBT rights.

In a series of tweets, Hollande defended his unpopular presidency, touting his efforts to fight climate change with the Paris Agreement and doing “everything possible to ensure that Greece stays in Europe.”

“History will remember that it was we who made the marriage for all,” Hollande tweeted using his party's slogan for same-sex marriage.

France in 2013 became the 14th nation to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples, fulfilling a campaign pledge Hollande made to his supporters. Opponents staged large demonstration throughout the debate.