Ukraine will host the final stages of the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend without completing transformation of a Soviet-era monument into a symbol of diversity.

According to Reuters, work on the arch in the center of Kiev stalled after opponents held a protest rally last month.

The 100-foot high arch was originally dedicated to the unification of Russia and Ukraine within the Soviet Union. For Eurovision, city leaders planned on temporarily transforming the monument into a celebration of diversity by painting it rainbow colors and renaming it the “Arch of Diversity.”

But critics, including some religious leaders, say the rainbow theme amounts to “gay propaganda.”

“The perverted symbolism that has spoiled the colors of the rainbow has provoked indignation among Ukrainians with traditional values,” the conservative nationalist group Right Sector, which took part in the protests, said in a statement.

LGBT activist Zoryan Kis told the AFP that the unfinished rainbow was “a perfect metaphor of celebrating diversity in Ukraine.”

“We are almost done. We have made lots of progress. You may not want to fly a rainbow flag everywhere, but at Eurovision locations you can be yourself,” Kis said. “You can be with a rainbow flag and it will actually be a huge support for Ukrainian LGBT community.”