Christian conservative Bryan Fischer has accused President Donald Trump of failing to stand up to “homosexual” activist opposed to the nomination of Mark Green.

Last week, Green, a Republican and a Tennessee lawmaker, withdrew his name from consideration as Trump's nominee to head the Army as he faced increasing opposition from advocacy groups, Democrats and even some Republicans over his opposition to LGBT rights. Green had introduced bills that target the LGBT community and had made derogatory comments toward transgender people.

In withdrawing himself from consideration, Green said that his actions and Christian beliefs had been attacked for political gain.

In an op-ed, Fischer questioned Trump's commitment to social conservatives, saying that his recent executive order on religious liberty failed to touch on “the agenda of LGBT activists to force everyone in America to accept sexual deviancy or else,” which he called the “greatest threat to religious liberty in our nation's history.”

“If Donald Trump could not find a way to stand up for Mark Green, he is no true defender of religious liberty,” Fischer wrote. “If he will not defend his own pick for military leadership against what lesbian writer Tammy Bruce calls the Gay Gestapo, of what use will he be in the pitched battle over First Amendment civil rights for people of Christian faith?”

“The bottom line: President Trump flinched. He will not be, his religious liberty order notwithstanding, America’s defender of the faith. He has chosen sides on the only religious liberty issue that matters today, and he has chosen poorly,” he added.